Comprehensive dental
services in Montmorency

Comprehensive Dental Services in Montmorency

Here at Montmorency Dental Group, we provide a wide range of dental treatments to patients of all ages. With a wealth of experience across all areas of dentistry, we are well equipped to treat the whole family and achieve optimal oral health for our patients. Whether you require treatment for dental problems, want to ensure the longevity of your teeth through preventative measures or would simply like to cosmetically improve the appearance of your smile, our team can assist. Take a look at some testimonials from our patients below, and if you would like to know more, please give us a call.

I have been going to Montmorency Dental since 2000. I have found the clinic to be very professional and clean. I found the staff to be very polite and friendly.

My children have been going to Montmorency Dental since 2005. They are not afraid to visit the dentist as Jenny plays games and they take home goodies. Jenny is great in telling stories to distract them in the chair.

For example, when my 5-year-old had to have a tooth removed by the dentist, she told her that the tooth fairy will be visiting and her high heels will prick her gums. Where actually the dentist was giving my daughter an injection with her eyes closed. For years, my daughter believed that the tooth fairy helped Jenny take out the tooth. And because of this, she was never afraid to go to the dentist. I have recommended Montmorency Dental to my friends and family. And as a happy customer, I recommend you come to Montmorency Dental with you whole family for your next check up.

- Susan V

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